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Last Update: 2013.10.3

* MALPIX Project
 The studies of a stigmatic imaging mass spectrometry that magnify spatial distribution of samples by an electrostatic lens and measure the entire measurement field at one time have been conducted to realize higher spatial resolution and shorter measurement time relative to the mainstream scanning imaging mass spectrometry. The detector for a stigmatic imaging mass spectrometer requires to detect the postion and the flight time of flying ions simulatanously. Currently the useful detector for this application is delay line detector (DLD), but this is unavailable for multi-hit detection since the DLD has been developed for the low rate ion collision event measuring. In the usual ionization by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI), a several ten to hundred ions are produced. The multi-hit detection system that can accept multiple ions is required to realize a useful stigmatic imaging mass spectrometer. To solve this problem we have to develop a postion and time flight simlutaneous measuring system by a semiconductor detector.

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